Available Layouts


Down The Line (DTL)

The club currently has two Down The Line fields with provision for five for major events. During practice one field operates as a 25 target token field and the other as a 5 target ticket field.


Our two skeet fields are token operated and for practice are set for American Skeet, however one field has the ability to be converted to ISSF Skeet if required.

Sporting (5 Stand)

We have one Sporting or 5 Stand layout but on competition days we have set other layouts on adjacent fields to create a more interesting shoot. The standard layout throws incomers, outgoers, left and right crossers, tower and a looper.


The club has one 10 metre tower used regularly for practice and competition but we also have another two towers that can be used when required.

Ball Trap

In combination with our previous fields we also have a Ball Trap layout just to provide an additional challenge. Ball Trap is the closest we have to Olympic Trench. It is a single trap that releases targets randomly from pit below ground level at speeds of close to 100kmh.